The New Jersey Wildlife Damage Control Association was established by a group of Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators.  The goal of our association is BALANCE.  A percentage of our population is divided between emotionally charged extremists: those who believe animals are our equal, and those who believe all animals are rodents and/or pests.  Nuisance wildlife control operators use management and fortification of our natural resources to act as defenders from such charged extremists and those with no regard towards our wildlife. 

It is important in our industry to have sensible laws and regulations that are, and will be of key importance to the new age wildlife and environmental co-existence.   Our association provides a voice for those professionals offering nuisance wildlife control in the state of New Jersey.   And the overall goal is to band together to act as a powerful source that will demand reasonable, workable, and scientifically sensible laws and regulations.

All of our members proudly agree to a code of ethics, as well as a mission statement as follows:  It will be the policy of the New Jersey Wildlife Damage Control Association to enhance, promote and protect a sensible and scientific approach to wildlife damage management by ways of (but not limited to):

 Promoting sound conservation, legislative and administrative procedures.

 Building and encouraging a commitment to wise use and proper management of our wildlife resources and natural resources.

 Supporting only those animal control programs that are biologically and economically justified.

In order to discuss the interests of our industry, our association conducts routine meetings to act as a place where we can share ideas, current issues and legal matters, ask questions, and receive accurate information about current laws and regulations.  And as the association grows in both number and strength, it will work harder to provide more benefits such as training workshops (see our annual seminars page), newsletters, insurance information, links to essential websites, and legal advice pertaining to our line of work, etc.

Our association is currently accepting new members who will carry on our mission with a passionate dedication to the wildlife damage control industry.  If you are interested in becoming a non-voting member, please fill out the application provided below and mail it to the association address provided. Please note that if you would like to be a voting member we encourage you to schedule with the President of the association to attend one of our meetings..

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Depredation Control Permit Initial

Depredation Control Permit Initial (Sample)

Depredation Control Permit Renewal

Depredation Control Permit Renewal (Sample)

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